In recent years there has been a proliferation of “for profit” schools in Abuja. Schools have become big business. However, many of these privately-owned schools claim to be “International”, “American” or “British” when in reality these names are simply are marketing ploy where there is little or no resemblance to the status they claim. Consequently, the discerning parent has become very circumspect and has become wary of what schools claim. At an initial strategic planning workshop the following were identified as the expectations of the discerning parent who enrols their children at the school: –
  • A welcoming environment where children feel that the school is a “home from home”.
  • A safe environment where bullying of any sort is not tolerated.
  • An environment where children would learn that they need to become contributing members of their society
  • A school where children are taught to be:
  1. Positive in their spoken language
  2. Well-spoken
  3. Cautious and well-mannered
  4. have good values
  • A school where creative thinkers are encouraged (people who think “outside of the box”)
  • An environment where children’s differences are valued and celebrated and where talents are explored identified and developed.
  • A school where the aim of teaching is to develop independent learners with a love for learning.
  • An environment that pupils understand and practice the concept of equality.
  • A school where teachers exhibit professional standards and are involved in continuing professional development.