Why choose Abuja Preparatory school


  • Abuja Prep offers the best of international schooling. Apart from the host country Nigeria, our pupil population is from Barbados, Columbia, Egypt, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, UK, USA, and Ukraine.


  • Abuja Prep pupils thus enjoy the opportunity to learn about other cultures from each other as well as from their teachers and the bonds they form thus represent a significant part of their socialization.


  • The school’s atmosphere is inclusive, caring and welcoming – all pupils and parents are regarded as important individuals and stakeholders in the school community, no matter what their various ages, backgrounds, origins, and provenances may be.


  • Abuja Prep is a Cambridge International School – this means it is an approved curricular and assessment center for Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the region’s largest and best known global curricular body. CIE is part of the UK’s University of Cambridge, which has been a pillar of educational excellence for over 800 years. The school has had to meet the high standards insisted on by CIE to be awarded this status.


  • Its teaching and learning are based on a CIE-oriented model derived from the National Curriculum of England (which is adapted to make it suitable for pupils from the cultures and nationalities referred to above). Classes commence from Early Years up to Year 6; assessment is provided via examinations conducted by CIE as well as continuous formative assessment.


  • Abuja Prep pupils are also provided with enjoyable and stimulating Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs). They also gain personal and educational benefits by being able to take part in various cultural events held at the school throughout the academic year.


  • Reports are issued regularly to parents, who are also welcome to participate in our Parents’ Committee and/or to discuss their children’s progress with academic managers whenever issues or concerns arise.


  • The school is housed in well appointed, a bespoke building situated in an enclosed, protected and secure environment where pupils’ health and safety are accorded the highest priority. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are served daily during the school day.


  • An administered staff duty system ensures all pupils are fully supervised outside classrooms throughout the school day.